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Will You Live To 90?

In my quest to understand health and the human body I read lots. I mean LOTS!This week I was pondering why some people age well and others don’t. Of course lots of it is genetics. And lots of it is lifestyle.

Stress is a major. Don’t you notice that when you’re stressed you feel really blah and tired?

WebMd has uncovered some really interesting facts re peeps who live into their 90s and beyond. They call them ‘Super Agers’!

WebMD sites findings by Claudia Kawas and her colleagues at University of California, Irvine, who have been conducting 90+ study for a decade.

Here’s some of the fascinating tidbits:

1. Lots of nonagerians die without with normal cognizance and no dementia even though they have high levels of Alzheimer’s disease in their brain.

2. History of hypertension, history of high cholesterol and using statins – which are all risk factors for dementia in younger people (50s, 60s, 70s) – appear to protect against Alzheimer’s for people in their 90s.

3. When you’re older it’s better to be a little overweight.

4. People who live longer imbibe 200-400 milligrams of caffeine per day (two to three cups of coffee), drink alcohol once or twice a week and exercise regularly. Just walking is fine: 15 minutes is good, 30 minutes is better, 45 minutes is better. Three hours is no better than 45 minutes.

5. Interestingly a lot of their 90+ were former smokers. Not current, former.

It’s a fascinating read. If you want more info visit here.


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