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Treatment Trial: Heart of the Ocean Facial

Have I mentioned Chuan Spa at The Langham is one of my favourite places? It’s a spa that’s on an international level and is just gorgeous. When you are lucky enough to have a treatment there you will also get valet parking and the use of all the facilites including gym, pool, herbal steam room et al. (A great gift!)

Chuan Spa have just released a new facial called the Heart of the Ocean Ritual Facial Source Marine Treatment… Click To Tweet

You know the energy and vitality of the ocean right? It’s one of nature’s nurturers. Well this facial uses its vital force with Thalgo’s Source Marine remineralising formulas and a new beauty massage to deliver intense hydration and enhance the quality of your skin. It’s divine.

There are actually two types on offer at Chuan Spa:

The Beauty Revealing Ritual for dehydrated skin.

Oh my gosh so fabulous. It uses the power of Thalgo remineralising products and a new massage inspired by the ocean waves. Just think of it right – rhythmic beautiful motions. It’s why I tell you it’s so good for the soul as well.

Marine Softness Ritual for sensitive skin

This facial uses Thalgo’s marine plant extracts, which work to decongest the skin and reduce redness. Plus it gives long lasting protective qualities. And that same massage ebbs and flows.

chuan spa heart of the ocean

What happens:

1. At Chuan Spa you will be given a robe and slippers, taken through to the locker room and change before heading out to a sumptuous lounge/waiting room.

2. Your therapist will come and find you there and take you to your treatment room. She’ll leave while you disrobe and get under the covers.

(Music of your personal choice will play softly in the background.)

3. Your therapist will come back and discreetly knock to ensure you’re ready for her. She’ll inspect your skin before deciding which ritual will be best suited to you.

4. Cleanse/Exfoliate

She will thoroughly cleanse your skin before using the Melt-In Scrub with Marine Crystals for a triple exfoliation. This uses papaya extract to give an enzymatic peel along with diatom earth, sea salt crystals, almond shells and a botanical biopolymer to regulate sebum (the skin’s natural oil).

What this does: gets rid of any dead skin cells and ensures your skin looks bright and radiant.

5. Ahhhh Bliss – Massage

This is heaven. Truly. The Heart Of The Ocean Massage is designed to emulate the rhythmic motions of the ocean so one moment it works with gentle waves before amping up to reflect the surf. Your therapist will use sweeping movements over the side and nape of your neck and shoulders intensifying over tense muscles.

What this does: Relaxes you!! Feels wonderful! It also relaxes the face which helps with toxin elimination and energises skin cells. If you feel by the side of your neck you’ll feel the trapezius muscle running down the neck and to the back of your shoulder. When this is manipulated through massage it is amazing. Can you feel it? Amazing right?

6. The Marine Infusion Mask

Your skin will totally love you for this one. It uses a combo of the Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask and the Marine Alginate Mask. It’s on for 15 minutes and while it’s working it’s magic you’re treated to a scalp or hand and arm massage.

What this does: Saturates the skin cells with hydration and nutrition.

7. Finally you’ll get back into your robe and slippers and your therapist will take you into the relax room. She will bring you a little tray with herbal tea, fresh juice, and a small dish of dried fruits and nuts.

You can take your time. Read a magazine. It’s all time out. When you’re ready you can head to the steam room or simply get dressand head out again.

Did I use the word bliss before?

Plus your skin will look hydrated, plump, smooth and radiant and you will feel relaxed and beautiful.

This is luxurious me-time or it makes the most incredible gift.

The Science

Thalgo’s Source Marine uses an ‘oligo-marine’ source that comes from the Pink Granite Coast just north of Brittany. It’s very, very rich in silicium, manganese and zinc and led Thalgo to create a marine ingredient: Sève Bleue des Océans. It’s what lies at the heart of Source Marine, which is designed to penetrate the skin layers, ‘inject’ it with trace elements and minerals, and encourage the cells to absorb it in all it’s goodness.

  • Drawing dermal water to the skin.
  • Capturing that water like a sponge.
  • Slowing natural water loss.

Chuan Spa

Heart of the Ocean Ritual Facial

1 hour

Weekday, NZ$165 | Weekend, NZ$175

Reviewed by Jenna

Score: A++++

I totally rate this


Want to book? Or buy a gift voucher. You can go to Chuan Spa here.


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