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The Food You Might Want To Flick

There’s a growing school or thought (and body of evidence) out there that suggests that when it comes to food women should be choosing fish or (free range) chicken instead of steak.

It’s interesting to me as I’ve written a lot about breast cancer and became something of a specialist in it (you can buy my book written with naturopath Lani Lopez here) to hear the rumblings.

I spent eight years compiling the Breast Cancer Special Report in Next magazine and during that time I met some incredible women, and some amazing specialists.



I even spent some time in the United States with the top breast cancer specialists as well as the late Mrs Evelyn Lauder talking breast cancer.

Beautiful lady. RIP.

Red Meat

During my time in California one of the specialists said they believed a diet heavy in red meat was one of the causes of breast cancer. Another one said ‘you can’t say that’. And the first one said, ‘no, we can’t say that because there’s not enough clinical evidence, which makes it anecdotal but it’s what some of us believe’.

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Obviously I’m not going to name names, but that’s the difference between science and observance/experience.

Science vs Observance

In science, for something to be considered proven it has to undergo countless clinical trials with huge numbers of people and the same result needs to occur before it can be categorically described as a cause. I read somewhere recently that those results can take up to 17 years.

Long time.

Recent research

As you know Harvard University’s studies are regarded highly and two 2014 studies at the Harvard School of Public Health found that young women (adolesence and early adulthood) who ate higher amounts of red meat had a higher risk of premenopausal breast cancer.

Maryam Farvid and Takemi Fellow conducted the studies.

“Women don’t have to become vegetarians and give up red meat,” says Maryam. “But if they decrease the amount of the red meat they eat—for example, having it once a week instead of twice a day—they will decrease their risk of developing breast cancer.”

She goes on to say ‘the good news is that you can replace red meat with other sources of protein, including poultry, legumes, nuts, or fish. Women will get the most benefit if they do this earlier in life rather than later’.

Try this recipe: Cauliflower Pizza

“And because red meat is not the only risk factor for risk of breast cancer, we suggest that women adopt a healthy lifestyle: drink less alcohol, don’t smoke, and get some physical activity.”

Red Meat Includes:

Unprocessed red meat: beef, pork, or lamb as a sandwich, pork as a main dish, beef or lamb as a main dish, and hamburger.

Processed red meat: hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meat such as sausage, salami, bologna

The study was published in the Internaational Journal of Cancer (IJC) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Want more info? Visit theBMJ here.

And don’t forget Estee Lauder’s wonderful Pink Star Walk. pink-star-walk

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