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How To Create Red Hot Lips

When it comes to making a statement, red lips rule. There’s something so eye-catching about them. Lots of women don’t feel they have the confidence to pull it off, but choose the right red and everyone looks hot. Makeup Maestro, Napoleon Perdis, tells how to get it right in his book Forever Flawless www.allanandunwin.com.

“All too often I hear women say they can’t wear red because it makes their teeth look yellow or their face too sallow,” he says. “But all women can look sensational in red – it’s just about locating the right shade and having the confidence to pull it off.”

The Red Rules

  • Use my 12 minute rule. At four minutes you’re not sure, a little further down the track you might feel maybe, and at 12 minutes you’ll either own it, or never wear it again.
  • Always apply your lipliner last. This way you can get the shape right.
  • If you’re new to red, start off with a more liquid formula, then move to a lipstick.


Lip lesson:


Step 1: Use foundation or concealer over the lip line to even out any blotchy pigmentation. It also makes for easier lipstick application and ensures your product lasts longer.

napoleonperdis-200x300 Step 2: Choose a colour and load up your lip brush, being sure to remove any excess product before you begin to apply. Use a little at a time, you can always add more.

Step 3: Starting in the middle, apply an even layer across the lips, using the natural contours of the lips as a guide. Always be sure to apply the colour all the way into the corners of the lips on both the top and the bottom. Do not apply over the outer edge of the natural lip line.

Step 4: Press your lips together slightly to be sure the colour is evenly applied.

Line and Define

Napoleon and miranda Step 1: Use my ‘outside in, outside in’ liner technique. Begin at the outside corner of your mouth and, using a feathering motion, draw a line to the middle of the lips. Then, from the opposite corner, do the same so the two lines meet. Do this on both the top and the bottom lip. Trust me: you always get a more even line this way.

Step 2: Blend the inner edge of the liner into the lips to create a contour.

Step 3:  Always be sure to join the liner and lipstick at the corners of the mouth. Simply open your mouth slightly and smile.

Step 4: For a more long-lasting lip colour, fill the entire lip with liner. This also gives your lipstick a slightly different tint.


Best for Everyone

Blue-reds: A vivid, cool blue-red looks stunning on everybody, from pale skin tones to olive skins. And blue-reds can even make your teeth look whiter!

Best for Olive and Caramel Skin

Orange-reds: Warm orange-based, more tomato-ish reds are divine on olive and caramel skin tones. These are the reds that can make teeth look yellowish on those with fair, cool colouring, so steer clear.

Best for Dark Skin

Plum-reds: Deep, burgundy reds look better on darker skin tones.

Best for Blondes

Pink-reds: Reds on the pinkish sides are ideal for blondes.

Four Reds We Rate!
  1. MAC Matte Russian Red, $40
  2. Revlon Super Lustrous Fire & Ice, $23.50
  3. Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Aphrodite, $40
  4. Natio Lip Colour in Flame, $17.50








Main image: fwallpaper.com, miranda kerr davidjones 



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  • Karen Lindsay June 19, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    What about red heads?


    • Gorgeousosity June 21, 2012 at 8:59 pm

      Look for an orange base….but the true reds are pretty universal!


      • Dolly October 29, 2016 at 5:10 pm

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      • http://www./ November 4, 2016 at 5:13 am

        OK JB,I’ll go see it.Richard’s work was ok. It was the ‘frosted’, low budget, soft focus seventies.I love fairytales.Better be ‘splosions and surprises !Oh, and a good lookin’ smart chicybabe!


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