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Your Personal Power

Psychic medium Sue Nicholson pulled the Personal Power card from her Butterfly Wisdom pack for our guidance this week. It’s soul food…

Personal power


Hi everyone, we’re back after GoG’s technical glitches last month!

Sue Nicholson Psychic Medium Your Personal power puts you in control of everything in your life.

It is the ability to use all your senses to do what is best for you in every situation, whether that be deciding what to eat for dinner, or having a discussion with a difficult person.

Every day, in every encounter, you have the choice to put yourself and your wellbeing first and to choose how you react to the multitudes of stimuli that come your way.

When your personal power is strong you put your wellbeing front and centre, you feel strong, confident and capable and you do not give in to outside negative influences. When your personal power is weak, you react in emotional and destructive ways to outside influences and allow others to decide your fate.

It’s time to look at all your life choices, how you are reacting to others words or behaviour. If we are feeling drained or tired we may need to stand back and see who is taking our personal power away from us. It could be friends, family or partners.

There are many times when I look at my own life where I have had my power taken away from me. I am not the type of person who likes or wants to argue with anyone so I let people take control. This is one part of my life that I have come to earth to learn. As I have become older and maybe wiser I hope, I have a voice and I will address that which I think is not right. I have had a lot of power taken from me by business partners where I just went along and did what they wanted and I had no control and so the business enterprises fell apart. Although I have lost a lot of money from some of these, I have learnt a lot by these people. Sometimes we have to pay for mistakes in order to learn what the universe wants to teach us and it can be a hard lesson but also that’s the way it goes. So now when I feel that my words are not being listened to I know I have the choice and the right to speak up.

So as you go about your week, have a look at your life and see if there is anyone who is taking your power away from you.

If there is, it is time to get it back – either by confronting them and speaking your truth in a firm and open way, or taking a step back, away from that person.


Here’s to a nurturing week everyone :-)

Have a look at Sue’s lovely new website here.

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