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3 x All-Natural Skin Lovers To Try

Often-times people ask me what is the BEST skincare. Yikes. It’s such a huge question and there is no one answer. Every range has their stars. And then there’s your preference, your budget, your skin type, your age and so on and so on.

See why there’s no easy answer?

Last week I gave you the lowdown on some gorgeous skin cherishers (you can see them here) and promised you the latest in the natural category this week.

Whether you choose clinician type formulas, over the counter prestige skincare, budget or ‘naturals’ is purely subjective. The choice is yours.

What I can tell you is, skincare really does make a difference. Nutrition and lifestyle are enormous contributors to your skin health, but skincare can also help to keep it in optimum condition. And the better the condition your skin, the better your makeup will wear and the more radiant you will look. It’s not just youth you know!

If you do want a more individual type suggestion just email me here. I’d be happy to help.

For All Skin Types particularly Dry

Antipodes Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood Serum


This one is suitable for everyone and it’s chock full of goodness.

Why use a serum and how do they work?

A serum is designed to be a first step before you apply your moisturiser. They’re lightweight and easily absorbed because they don’t contain the heavier ingredients that moisturisers, by their very nature, do. Many of those ingredients are designed to lock moisture in to the skin, serums tend to concentrate on skin nutrition.

I totally recommend a serum if you’re on a quest for great skin. They’re made of very small molecules based on a high dose of actives – things like peptides and antioxidants. They pack a punch and because they’re so concentrated a little goes a long way. Skincare efficiency at its best.

Skincare serums are made of very small molecules based on a high dose of actives Click To Tweet

Antipodes new Chia and Kiwi Seed contains oil from chia seeds – superfood alert – blended with Kiwifruit seed oil. Both ingredients are full of essential fatty acids and skin foods to help boost your skin’s health, especially if it’s dry and flaky but it suits every skin type. Gently scented with natural jasmine bloom and ylang ylang.

Shop it: $54.45

Help Delaying Aging

Trilogy Age-Proof now with Glycablend

Trilogy Age-Proof

So what’s Glycablend I hear you ask?

Ok, so first you need to understand glycation with regards to the skin. You might have heard the term bandied about a bit lately. It’s becoming a bit of a buzzword.

Glycation is one of our body’s natural biological processes, it’s happening right now while you’re reading this. It’s to do with sugar. If you have an overload of sugar in your body it can lead to ….. let’s put it simply as possible…..the cross linking of sugar and protein molecules leading to sugar proteins aka advanced glycation end products (AGE). Phew! Did you get that?

Basically AGEs can degrade our collagen and elastin fibres, the fibres responsible for the plumpness and elasticity of our skin. The body doesn’t love AGEs, it tries to get rid of them which can lead to skin inflammation and also disease, but that’s another story.

Sugar overload doesn’t just come via refined sugar and cake and sweets, but from fruit and things like bread containing sugar too.

The more sugars you eat the more aging AGEs the body produces Click To Tweet

In a nutshell? Too many AGEs leads to skin deterioration: wrinkling, sagging, loss of volume, fragility.

So let’s go back to Trilogy’s Glycablend. It’s been formulated to help minimise the formation of AGEs and contains pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry and chia seed oils, which strengthen and improve collagen, cell membranes and metabolism and are anti-inflammatory. The things your skin needs to fight those AGEs.

Three cheers!

Shop it:
Certified Organic Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil, $48.90
Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate, $39.90
Trilogy Age-Proof Replenishing Night Cream, $62.90

For Sensitive Skin

Living Nature’s Sensitive Range


Did you know? Loads of people suffer with sensitive skin. According to a report by the American Academy of Dermatology at least 50% of women and 30% of men.

Sensitive skin can feel dry and tight and throw a lot of red. Very dry skin falls under the sensitive banner as sensitive skin is usually suffering from water/hydration loss and a weakened natural barrier function.

Sensitive skin can feel dry and tight and throw a lot of red. Click To Tweet

What causes it? Sensitive skin can be genetic. It can be hormonal. It can be because you’re sensitive to ingredients in some skincare, makeup or even some meds you may be on.

What can you do? Treat it with lots of tender loving care to gently coax it to the best it can be. You definitely don’t want it to become too irritated or inflamed as inflammation is one of the leading causes of skin aging.

Let’s talk about Living Nature’s Sensitive range. It contains certified natural ingredients and is free of fragrance and allergens.

Tip: Fragrance is one of the most common allergens around, so if you are sensitive steer clear. Fragrance can exacerbate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

This range is based on New Zealand harakeke flax and organic virgin coconut oil (just hearing that feels soothing doesn’t it?)

Harakeke is the ‘hero’ as it’s proven to be antiseptic, soothing, cooling and calming. Plus it’s a natural humectant which means it draws moisture to the skin from the air. Harakeke has been used in traditional Maori medicine for its healing properties.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, which penetrate the skin’s cell membranes and help make the connective tissue between cells strong and flexible. According to Living Nature it’s also particularly high in lauric acid, with antimicrobial properties to help clear skin rashes.

Exactly what that sensitive skin of yours wants right? Soothing, moisture, strength and nutrition.

Shop it here:
Sensitive Cleanser, $38
Sensitive Hydrating Toner, $38
Sensitive Day Moisture, $38
Sensitive Night Moisture, $38


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