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Love & Sex: How To Love Happily Ever After

Our lovely sparkle advisor has written a book! Go Leanne…

Fairytale Love: How To Love Happily Ever After is about filling your cup with forever after when it comes to relationships.

Fairytale Love: How to love happily ever after

The self-help guide serves up successful, love-enriching secrets to give you a fresh perspective and put you in charge of creating your own fulfilling love story.

Leanne French

“Relying on the positive psychology provided in Fairytale Love, you can find the keys to single-handedly transform your relationship into a more passionate, resilient one,” says Leanne.

Are you in a new relationship? Well here’s a starter for you (and if you’re not send it to someone who is).

Leanne’s top 10 tips for making a real go of a new relationship

1.     Build a really strong friendship first, one that can withstand twists and turns and crooked paths.

2.     Be the fairest of them all. You have to really like and respect who you are and how you behave and be able to truly at ease with your own reflection.

3.     Make yourself emotionally available.

4.     Keep your self-care levels up and do things that make your heart sing.

5.     Give what you most want to get.

6.     Inject fun into each and every day.

7.     Be kind, compassionate and loyal.

8.     Always communicate respectfully and find new ways to respond to challenging circumstances.

9.     Create meaningful rituals and expect and want your connection to be a pleasurable experience.

10.  Listen with a desire to understand.

The book is $20.99 in New Zealand. Click www.leannefrench.com to grab a copy. Leanne has links for Australia and Balboa Press too.

Let’s face, most of us need help in the relationship department at some stage and if you don’t, lucky you!!


Who is Leanne? She’s a relationship expert, artist and writer of books for children and grownups. Her career spans 25 years she has worked as a family court counsellor, addictions counsellor, facilitator and therapist in private practise. She has been employed as a weekly relationship columnist for New Idea, a monthly columnist for The Martinborough Star and has written freelance articles for Next magazine. She has appeared on television and has had articles published in titles such as: Woman’s Day, Femme Fitness, Enhance, The NZ Herald, The Marlborough Express, Indigo and Scoop. You can read more about her here and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to send them through. 

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