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JoBaz Hair Colour Remover (WIN)

Did you know that something like over 75 percent of women DIY their hair colour? If that’s you, have you ever…for want of a better term :-)…..stuffed it up?

I know I have and I’ve been in the beauty game for a long time. I’m fortunate enough be looked after by the pro’s at Morgan and Morgan now, but back in the day I used to have very long hair that I used a particular shade of Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy on.

Isn’t that funny? I remember the brand exactly; I can’t remember the colour though. I think it was Reddish/Brown. There were times when I’d try different brands but they didn’t have the shade I wanted. My hair is a copper shade naturally (though it’s probably liberally sprinkled with grey now), and it was always difficult to get the colour out of a bottle.

My Hair Colour Disaster

One day, and I remember it vividly, it was in the 90s, I couldn’t get my usual hue so I chose one I thought was close to it. Now, bear in mind that those burgundy red hues do me no favours at all; I really need the copper tones.

It turned out a dark, deep kind of burgundy red that I hated. Argh! It was a Sunday night I remember and I was on the phone to the help line trying to find a way to rectify what I thought of as a disaster! I think I had to get a blonde and use that to lighten it, but it never really came back to what I wanted. Not for a long time.

Would that I’d had access to JoBaz HAIR COLOUR REMOVER

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JoBaz Hair Colour Remover

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover

When I first discovered this it took me right back to that incident I just told you about. What a brilliant idea!

Whether you’re over getting your hair coloured and want to go a la natural or, like me, you need help with a hair colour disaster JoBaz is your go-to partner.

We should put a caveat in here in that if you can, seeing the pro’s is your best option. However we get that sometimes that’s not in everybody’s reach.

How does she do it?


Well, for starters, she doesn’t use ammonia, peroxide or bleach, which is good news for your tresses.

The formula shrinks the actual dye molecules in the hair and it washes away safely. It also contains a nourishing treatment so if you want or need to re-colour your hair straight away it’s AOK.

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover takes your hair back to its lightest shade.

For example, if the artificial hair colour applied is darker than the natural hair colour, it will return hair to its natural shade.

However, if the artificial hair colour applied is lighter than the natural colour, for example with the use of hydrogen peroxide (ie bleach), the natural pigment within the hair will have been chemically lightened by the colouring process.

This means that although JoBaz HAIR COLOUR REMOVER will remove the artificial dye, the natural hair colour will be somewhat lighter (than the hair’s pre-dye shade).

There’s a normal strength and a maximum strength version to fit your needs.

Shop it: JoBaz Hair Colour Remover, $39.95.

Check out this vid, it’s amazing (2.30 minutes)


And this review by Emma Hewitt from the JoBaz website here.





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  • Olivia September 4, 2015 at 8:09 am

    Thanks for showing me this Jenna 🙂 I think I may try this in the weekend. I coloured my hair last week, using a different brand to usual, and my gosh! The colour was called chocolate brown, but in reality, the brand should re-name the colour to BLACK!


  • Olivia Wallbank December 3, 2015 at 9:08 am

    Hi Jenna

    Apologies for the late review. I did a fair bit of googling before I tried Jobaz colour remover and found so many reviews, good and bad. Seeing my hair is quite fine and prone to breakage etc, I decided to do a patch test on a decent chunk of my hair underneath to see how my hair would handle it. It has a super strong smell. I followed the instructions to the T. Unfortunately, it didn’t remove any of my colour (baking soda did a good job though). But on the plus side, it didn’t seem to damage my hair in any way either. Thanks for the opportunity, i’m glad I got to give it a go.


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