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How To Wear Bronzer Beautifully

Makeup artist extraordinaire Nikki Lovrich, talks bronzer! 



Hi everyone

Today I wanted to go over the ins and outs of bronzer. Bronzer is a must have product for summer or winter. Apart from giving the face an instant tan, it’s a useful shading tool for the cheekbones or jawline and It can also be used as an eyeshadow.

I often get asked what my favorite bronzer is and how to use it, so here are those answers.




One of the biggest problems with bronzer is that if its the wrong shade for your skin, it can end up turning you a kind of orange shade, particularly if you’re fair. However, a good quality powder bronzer generally comes in light, medium or dark, so its reasonably easy to select your shade. I find that powder bronzers are easier to use than the cream formulations and look more natural. In my kit I stick with Bobbi Browns matte bronzer, as its very subtle while still adding loads of warm natural colour. I also like M.A.C bronzers for that instant tanned look and Jane Iredale do a lovely mineral bronzer that blends seamlessly into the skin. When in the palette a good bronzer should look BROWN rather than ORANGE and I can’t stress this enough!!


A matte bronzer is multi purpose as you can use it solely as a blush, or alternatively for instant colour all over the face. A shimmery bronzer is an entirely different product and should only be used on the eyes and the cheeks. If you use a shimmer bronzer over your whole face you will glow like a beacon.

BRUSHES: Once you have the right shade you need the right brush. A large, natural haired blusher brush will do the trick – I have a Bobbi Brown brush that is designed for bronzer and it has a squared off tip for contouring. A round headed brush is generally easier to use and gives a more natural finish. M.A.C’s blusher brush should be in everyone’s makeup kit and is perfect for bronzer (or blusher)

This is the M.A.C blusher brush #116, $90


And this is the Bobbi Brown bronzing brush, $87

Bobbi Bronzer Brush

You can get others, but these are the one’s I use in my kit.

APPLICATION: When applying your bronzer always dust off the excess powder on your hand to avoid overdoing the colour. For an all over glow, put your bronzer where the sun hits on the high points of the face – mainly the cheekbones and brow bones followed by a subtle sweep across the forehead and chin. This technique works beautifully in the middle of summer when your body is (fake) tanned and your face feels too light. For between seasons you can use your bronzer as a blusher and just across the cheeks for a natural tanned look. For a pop of extra colour you can add a sweep of pink or peach blush to the apple of the cheek.

BRONZER vs FAKE TAN:  I am not a fan of fake tan on the face as I have seen one too many women with orange eye brows, though there are some new ones around that I haven’t tried like Model Co’s Face. It’s designed specifically for the face, so I’m looking forward to checking it out. In the meantime if you need to match your face to a tanned body, go with the colour of the skin on your decolletage. Choose a foundation that is a shade or two darker than your winter tone and when applied sparingly it should match the skin on your chest. Follow this with a sweep of bronzer and you will get that gorgeous JLO glow in minutes!



There are SO many bronzers out there it’s hard to choose. Here’s 10 of the best.

Bronzer 1

From left clockwise:

  1. Clinique True Bronze Pressed Bronzer, $52 – it’s nice and natural, easy to use and carry.
  2. The Body Shop Baked Bronzer, $45 – the mix of shades lends a touch of bronze and a kiss of pink.
  3. Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder, $69 – the ‘grater’ dispenser makes it easy.
  4. Natio Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer, $24.50 – we love minerals!
  5. Estee Lauder  Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer, $72 – the touch of shimmer lends a subtle glamour.

Bronzer 2

From left to right:

  1. Jane Iredale Brush Me Bronzer, $83.95 – with its own in-built brush this makes travelling a breeze.
  2. Inika Mineral Bronzer, $49.99 – all natural 🙂
  3. Maybelline New York Dream Terra Sun Bronzer, $19.99 – so much bang for your buck.
  4. Bobbi Brown bronzer, $65 – this colour is goof-proof.
  5. Australis Jumbo Mineral Bronzer, $24.50 – as the name says you get a whole lot of bronze.


Main image: Erin Wasson for Maybelline New York



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