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How To Nourish Your Soul

Isn’t this card beautifully reflective of nature? Sue pulled the Nourishment card this week, which doesn’t just mean food. Let’s see what it reveals for our weekly guidance to nourish your soul… Sue Nicholson's Nourishment card


Sue Nicholson Psychic Medium Nourishment is about giving ourselves the physical things we need to thrive and this doesn’t only include food. It involves everything we need in order to grow as a person.

It is the act of recognising what we need for growth and prosperity and actively seeking out those things or activities.

When this card arises in a reading the focus is on nourishing ourselves physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally and often the other cards around it will indicate which area of our lives are requiring nourishment.

It may also indicate that someone around you has nourishment issues. Are they looking to you to nourish them?

“We may be so focused on looking after others that we are neglecting our own basic needs.”

This card invites you to bring yourself back to centre stage and take some time out for yourself. I know myself that when I am stressed I look for comfort food, but that isn’t the answer, because then I only feel guilty about it.

Some people do the same thing with alcohol or other things that are not necessarily good for them. Everything in moderation as they say.

If we need comfort we can seek people and situations out that make us feel good – whether it is by pampering ourselves, talking to a friend or partner, watching a movie, or just by being outside in the fresh air, but I think that most people tend to look to food or a treat that makes them feel good, which is really only a quick fix.

When l have a full day of readings which takes a lot out of me as I am giving out a lot of energy, I come home and just need to be alone for a while to balance my energy. If the weather is nice I will sit outside to nourish and calm my soul and then I want to eat to nourish my body! So have a think about how you are nourishing yourself?

Are you giving your energy to everyone else and leaving no reserves for you? Often when we want to do something for ourselves we feel guilty but if we don’t then that will cause other problems within our life.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day so how much do you take out of that to nourish yourself? Even 30 minutes a day still leaves 1,410 minutes so allow yourself some time to do what you want to do as often the time we give ourselves is much too short.

Here’s to a nurturing week everyone 🙂

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