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This week psychic medium Sue Nicholson drew the Family card…Family Sue Nicholson
Meaning   – parent, child, sibling, support, acceptence, self esteem

Sue Nicholson Psychic Medium


Hi everyone

At the very basic level family are the people who raise us from birth and those who we raise in turn.

This can be as simple as a mother and father, sister, brother, a single parent, or as complicated as ten siblings twenty cousins and dozens of aunts and uncles! The family may be an adopted one or it may be a blended family from a second or third marriage, with half siblings and step siblings. But ultimately we are all raised by some type of family force. If done well we turn into confident, happy, well adjusted individuals. Done badly we internalise our insecurities, have low self esteem and struggle to reach our potential. There is a saying “it takes a village to raise a child “ and this is true.

What part does your family play in your life at the central moment?

I picked this card because Christmas is the time of family and celebrations for most people. However, not for every one.

Many people may not have family around them who they can see on Christmas day and there are those out there who feel very alone at this time of the year. Perhaps their loved ones have passed over and this time of year holds sad memories for the things they can no longer share together. Often the elderly are the most affected. Do you have elderly neighbours who are alone at this time?

Sometimes we just need to reach out to another person and ask if they need any help. Christmas day is really just another day in the year but it can be a sad day for many. It only lasts for 24 hours but there are some who might experience more loneliness than usual on Christmas day.

It’s a good time tolook at and appreciate what we have and also what we can give to others.

If you are spending time with loved ones, be grateful that you have them, even if they do annoy you at times.

If you are alone this Christmas, go for a walk or read a book that you have always wanted to read, get a DVD out, sit in the garden or do some gardening.

And if you have time on your hands you could volunteer to help at the Salvation Army as they always need people on christmas day. Embrace the day for what every it may bring and for whoever you are meant to spend it with – even if it is only yourself.

Merry Christmas everyone – may the new year ahead be filled with good health and all your wishes come true.

Thanks Sue!

You can head to Sue’s website here.


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