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Red Cross and Kathmandu need your help 🙂

You know all about Red Cross don’t you?

The Red Cross

They help in emergencies, help refugees settle into the country, have been very active in Canterbury since the earthquakes, provide Meals on Wheels and on and on.


They’ve also got a free Hazard app to warn us and help us through disasters like earthquakes, tsumanis, floods etc. I didn’t know that! I just downloaded it. You can find it here.

Kathmandu Clothing

And you know Kathmandu clothing right? They do insanely amazing outdoor wear. Yes, it’s also the capital of Nepal.

A friend of mine recently climbed Mt Kilamanjaro (I know!) and she said her Kathmandu gear was the bomb for the climb. For the record she said it was freezing and they had difficulty breathing nearing the top, but she made it!

A friend of mine recently climbed Mt Kilamanjaro (I know!) and she said her Kathmandu gear was the bomb for… Click To Tweet

The Trade for New Initiative

So back to the story. Kathmandu are supporting the amazing Red Cross and are asking Kiwis to support them too by trading in their old jackets and fleece in support of Red Cross’ ongoing humanitarian and relief effort.

Don’t you love that?

When they asked me to take part it was like eek. As you know if you’re a regular here I’m in the middle of selling GoG HQ so de-cluttering is king, and I’ve already donated and thrown out etc so I didn’t really have any jackets left.

Except the one above. I bought it for a trip to Queenstown when I first went back to work at New Idea as beauty editor. The trip was for VO5 I think. My partner at the time, David, came down after the work part of the trip and we had a wonderful weekend there. So the jacket’s quite special to me. Happy memories. I don’t think I’ve worn it since. Anyway, I pulled it out and it’s the one I’m going to donate.

Kathmandu passionately believes in the importance of sustainability, so they developed this ‘Trade For New’ initiative.

They’re asking us to donate our pre-loved jackets and fleece in Kathmandu stores to reduce the amount of used clothing that ends up in landfill. In turn they’ll donate the items to the Red Cross who will sell them in Red Cross stores to contribute to the funds raised for the organisation nationally.

Don’t you love it? Have you got a jacket to donate?

If you do you’ll receive a 10% voucher off your next Kathmandu purchase until 1st November 2015.

You can post pix of your jackets here 🙂 Oh and do share this post so all of your friends can get on board. Happy doing good 🙂

#tradefornew, @NZRedCross, @kathmandu (for Facebook) or @kathmandu_live (Instagram)



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