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Casual Colour & Style Shoesday!

This Shoesday we’d love to introduce you to adidas Original Superstar Supercolor.

These are sooo cool and will take you anywhere at any age. 




adidas have collaborated with American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and fashion designer (phew – multi-talented or what?!), Pharrell Williams to create Originals Superstar Supercolor.

Do you love a bit of the casual like us? Well, these let you do it in style. With 50 shades you can have an entire wardrobe if you like. And can afford.



adidas Originals Supercolor Superstar_1

We’re choosing the pink – both pale and fuchsia, yellow, blue, lime green, bright purple…argh! Just love all of this colour.




Shop it: adidas Original Superstar Supercolor, $150. 




These are sooo cool and will take you anywhere at any age. Click To Tweet

Here’s a groovy little film, starring Pharrell, so you can see them in action:

What do you think? Do you like? What colours would you choose if you knew you’d be getting a pair sent to you?


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