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#BeautyRave: Environ Super Facial

You know I’ve had some pretty amazing facials in my time but in the words of Kosha Richardson, the therapist from Beauty on Ponsonby who treated me to this amazing new option from Environ, ‘it doesn’t get much better than this’.

Because of what I do I am always very aware during a facial. I take into account the steps, the moves, the smells, the feelings – everything! – so I can report back to you. I don’t usually totally relax and I really take note of the results.

My Verdict

OMG. OK here’s the truth. This one ticks all the boxes, it is divine and your skin will be radiant for quite some time afterwards.

What’s Involved In The Environ Super Facial

Well, let me walk you through 🙂

1. Cleanse, which of course when a pro is doing it involves lovely massage moves too.

2. Exfolation. In this case Kosha used the Alpha Gel and Clay Masque to micro exfoliate my face and décolletage for five glorious minutes. Feels good. She then cleansed again to remove it and blotted with toner.



3. Then, oh joy, ANOTHER exfoliation. Kosha applied an active gel over my face and covered it with gauze. Over this she applied a gel and attached the iontophoresis machine. In simple terms this sends through ions and electrical pulses to the skin for more impactful results and deeper penetration of the ingredients.

4. This has to stay on for a while, and that’s such good news for you and I because while it’s doing it thing Kosha massaged my arms and hands with AC&E Body Oil and Derma Lac. This has two-pronged benefits. The luxurious relaxing feel…ahhh bliss. But these two products are amazing together in terms of smoothing, softening and hydrating your skin. THE BEST!



5. Iontophoresis done, Kosha removed the gauze and massaged in any product that was left on my face. More bliss.

6. Then it was time for a super duper serum and treatment gel with which Kosha used sonophoresis for 20 minutes for maximum delivery to the skin layers. I can’t tell you how amazing this feels but think what it does to the skin as well.


Alginate Masque

7. Then it was time for another serum packed with vitamins A and C followed by the Alginate masque and more iontophoresis. This masque forms like a gel like solid mask if that makes sense.

8. While that was doing its thing Kosha massaged my scalp, neck and shoulders. I’m sorry I couldn’t’ help but totally relax. As I write I’m thinking oh gosh would love that again…

9. Then it was time to remove the masque and apply moisturiser and sunscreen and send me on my way. I knew it was coming to an end when Kosha removed the masque and I was so bummed. I cannot tell you how ready I was to keep lying there.

I agree with Kosha, it doesn’t get much better than that. Sooooo much skin treatment, the ingredients, the technology your skin can’t help but rise to the occasion. And on a mind, body, soul level ahhhhh. Give me more! It’s like the difference between driving an old Volkswagon Beetle and then moving up to the a brand new one. There is so much to love, but the new one is just a wee bit more luxurious 🙂

This treatment is royalty and prices are dependent upon location. Best to go to the website for stockists and do some research :-0).

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Environ is a sponsor of ours, but this is not a sponsored post. All the opinions are my own and I would totally recommend this facial for results and for mind, body and soul.

Transform Your skin

Last year Environ ran a 12-week Transform Your Skin challenge to show how people can achieve actual, visible results with the skincare. There were 120 participants and I was one of the judges along with Environ International Technical Advistor, Dr Ernst Eiselen.

The results were amazing for such a short time. Here is the before and after of the winner: Jenny Uffindel, who used Environ under the guidance of therapist Kiley Brydon of Essentially Skin in Whangarei.

Jenny had ‘redness, unevenness and acne like bumps’. She’d consulted with doctors and specialists and was told that medication was the only solution. She tried the 12-week challenge in the hopes of a resolution using weekly treatments and homecare.


  • 3 weeks: her skin felt more comfortable.
  • 6 weeks: calmer complexion
  • 12 weeks: reduced redness, improved texture, no more ‘acne type lumps’.

Jenny Uffindel Before and After

You can really see how the redness has reduced right?

Find your stockist here

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