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How To Tackle Crêpey Underarms

One of the bugbears I hear about loads is crêpey, saggy underarms.

Sometimes women, particularly if they’re more mature, complain about not wanting to wear sleeveless clothes due to the skin underneath their upper arms being ugly. We hear ya sister. But listen up, this treatment really works.


Dr Des Fernandes, creator of Environ, is a plastic surgeon based in Cape Town, South Africa and he created Environ skincare back in the 80s. At the time he wasn’t setting out to create a globally successful skincare brand, but had a more practical (simple wouldn’t be the word) goal of trying to prevent the incidence of melanoma. He was also mixing up a form of vitamin A in his kitchen and using it on himself as he’d seen it produce amazing results in his patients.

That’s the reason Environ is based on vitamin A. Since those early days, science has proven vitamin A really does regenerate skin. But I digress, we’ll talk more about that on another day.

As a magazine stylist back in the day, my editor always used to say to me (if the person being photographed was a woman of a certain age), ‘make sure the clothes you use have sleeves’. The editor was gorgeous woman in her 50s who went on to explain that the skin on the underside of the upper arms can go crêpey. I’ve never forgotten that little tidbit of information.

Weight workouts and resistance training (pilates and yoga are great!) can go some way to reducing the jiggling bit that can occur with loss of tone. But, what to do about the crêpe-like effect other than don sleeves?

Weight workouts and resistance training (pilates and yoga are great!) can go some way to reducing the jiggling… Click To Tweet

Dr Fernandes showed me some before and after photographs of his treatment solution. He says he’s been been getting incredible results with wrinkles, pigmentation etc. Truly significant. Then he got to some images of a woman’s underarms and I was floored. In part because I wasn’t expecting it I suspect. And in part, because it proved people don’t have to accept that sleeveless tops are no longer on the cards.

The beauty of the treatment is its simplicity. Needling and oil are all that’s needed. Wh-wh-at you cry! Don’t worry, it’s not quite as scary as it sounds. Needling is something Dr Fernandes pioneered. It’s a treatment that involves rolling a small wheel with lots of tiny needles on its surface, over the skin. It creates tiny tears, which allows better skincare absorption. It’s not painful, but it is effective. Environ have a medical version and an at-home version.

environ-skincare-cosmetic-roll-cit-aEnviron ACE BodyOil


To get the underarm results, you need to combine the use of the Cosmetic Roll-CIT, $209 (that’s the at-home version) with Environ Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil, $95.80 once or twice a week.

A simple solution with astounding results.

Visit here for stockists.

Prices are NZD.




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  • Lesley September 26, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Well if this works it would be a goldmine.I remember someone saying when you get to that stage when you wave your underarms keep flapping after you stop.We wear sleeves,wraps and shawls to try to mask our chicken skin.
    I am a little bit nervous about tearing the skin,tiny needles etc though.I would love to actually see someone trial it and show us the day by day with hopefully good results.


    • Gem September 29, 2014 at 11:41 am

      It does work Lesley, but of course you have to be dedicated. And it doesn’t stop the loose skin…the tiny needles is the same as in dermapen…have you heard of it? It’s a popular treatment now as the tiny tears stimulate collagen and elastin production. I’ll put it to Environ about the day by day trial, it’s a great idea!


  • Tracy March 19, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    I hate needles of any kind and I have been confidently using the Environ Cosmetic Roller with the Environ skincare products on advice from my beautician for lines that I am concerned about on my face. I can truly say that the needles are totally painless. I do not think to describe this treatment as tearing the skin is accurate, I was explained that I was creating tiny micro channels in the skin for my skin products to drop deeper. What ever the Roller is doing though it is working, the lines I was concerned about are starting to soften and my skin looks and feels much plumper and healthier. My beautician also showed me many Environ before and after photos of people who have had wonderful results using these products.


    • Gem March 23, 2015 at 11:04 am

      Hi Tracy, fantastic, thanks for your feedback. It’s so good to hear…we love it too!


      • Monkey March 9, 2017 at 8:07 pm

        Wonderful pictures. The last one tells it all – so much love being deeoastrntmd. I would agree with Jane that mom Lara is certainly a key member of the superhero inter-circle.


    • Gem March 23, 2015 at 11:05 am

      Oh and by the way, you’re right re tears, will go in and change that!


    • Easter March 9, 2017 at 8:29 pm

      Weekender cardigan and alpaca cable cardigan are on my Christmas list! It’s cold in the city…need some stylish and warm gear for winter. Love the clothes, love the phy8ssophi&#l230;pleaoe make my Holiday wishes come true 🙂


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