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5 GOOD Reasons To Do DRY JULY

Are you going to do Dry July?

We are! Here’s some great reasons to join us.

1. It’s for a good cause. In case you didn’t know Dry July is actually a fundraiser to help the lives of people living with cancer. More info here.

2. If you do drink (I know lots of you don’t), you’ll have a clearer head and more energy.

3. Not drinking is great for weight control.

4. Not drinking tends to refine your face (alcohol can cause slight bloating).

5. It could also help your self esteem and relationships, according to Sparkle Advisor Leanne French 🙂

“Drinking even small amounts of alcohol often can make you feel tired and depressed,” One of the biggest benefits from taking a break is that people feel healthier and better in the morning, and have more energy, which naturally leads on to doing other healthy things, like eating better food and exercising.”

Leanne French

Lovely Leanne

“People taking a break for a good reason like Dry July also usually feel proud of themselves, and sometimes it is a relief to them as they realise being able to go a month without drinking means they don’t have a problem with alcohol. Much like going technology-free, people often realise there is so much more to do with their time and energy,” says Leanne.

Setting a goal and achieving it can help people feel good about themselves, regardless of how much they usually drink, she adds. “Proving you can socialise, relax and reward yourself without alcohol can be a big deal for many people. Add the feel-good factor of raising money for those who really need it, and it’s a great formula for improving self-esteem.”

Another benefit of a break from booze could be a positive impact on relationships with spouses, partners and family members. “Drinking and recovering from drinking can be selfish. It can shut other people out and make you less physically and emotionally available to your partner,” she explains. “Taking a break means you can assess whether this is happening, and may change your attitude to alcohol if it’s something that is having an impact on your relationship with a loved one. When there is a good opportunity like Dry July, where a break from alcohol receives support and encouragement, why not take it and the positive effects that come with it?”

To-date, 90,000+ participants have collectively raised over $20m AUD, helping support 40 different cancer services across New Zealand and Australia.

And guess what? We’ve got a GoG team, why not…

….Jump on the wagon with us this July!

You’ve heard the expression ‘You booze, you lose’? Well we’ve taken that to a whole new level, and decided to go dry this July. It’s the challenge to give up alcohol for the 31 days of July, while raising money for adults living with cancer.

We’ve set up a team: ‘GoG’, and WE WANT YOU!


If you want in, head to the Dry July website http://dryjuly.co.nz/sign-up, and sign up as an individual. Once you’re on the ‘Sign up is complete’ page, you can ‘Join an existing team’, enter the team name above and away you go.

Looking forward to seeing your name appear in the team list!


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