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4 Reasons To Wear Compression Tights

Have you ever totally believed something and then had that belief turned upside down?


Most of us have right?

This happened to me recently re what I wear for walks and things. If you’re a regular you might remember this piece where I said I wouldn’t wear the figure hugging leggings aka compression tights for all the tea in china. Instead I opt for a not so clingy pant when I walk.

Well guess what? Last week The Warehouse launched their summer range to media (so did Warehouse Stationary – amazing stuff landing there November 9) and they gave me a pair of those compression tights.

The Warehouse Compression Tights

My Active Intent Compression Tights

They are brilliant. And just $29! I’m carrying a bit of weight at the moment so am pounding the pavement to get rid of it. I tried these on, just to try, and I haven’t had them off. They are so comfy and they pull in all the flabby bits.

That being said, I wear a long top over them, but that will change when a few weeks and a few kgs go by.

The other thing is that they take about five minutes to dry! I’ve worn and worn them, all of my other walking pants have gone by the by, and that’s OK because I wash and wear (almost).

The only thing I caution against is throwing them in with towels. The fluff sticks to the seams.

Four reasons to heart compression tights:

  1. They’re comfy and hold in all the flabby bits
  2. They absorb sweat and love being washed.
  3. They dry in a flash.
  4. They actually support your muscles and help prevent exercise induced injury or strain.

Amazing. Talk about change someone’s (stubborn) mind! I do realise I might be a bit backward on discovering the amazing-ness, but hey. You might be too :-).

The Warehouse Active Intent Contrast Knee Compression Tights

The Warehouse Contrast Compression tights

They’ve got lots of new stuff coming in. Reversible crop tops, co ordinating singlets, tees and jackets. well worth looking at as great quality and sooooo affordable. These ones come in green as well…nice.

Shop it: $35

Lululemon Interval Crop

Lululemon Interval Crop

in Ultra Violet (also available in black). They come with anti-stink technology!

Shop it: $125

Running Bare Classic Tummy Toned 3/4 Tights


in Meghan&Black contrasting fabric. Tone the tummy, support key muscle groups.

Shop it: $84.95 AUD @ The Iconic

Are you convinced if you’re not a wearer? Will you try?

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Main image by Skeeze via Pixabay

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