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14 Reasons To Go For A Walk Today!

You know walking’s good for you right? Just 20-30 minutes most days could seriously change your life. AND seriously lengthen your life too. Up to 30 per cent!

In fact a new study conducted by the University of Cambridge has found that lack of exercise is even deadlier than obesity. That’s sobering isn’t it? Check out this video, it’ll get you motivated! It’s American but it applies just as much downunder.

Check out the infographic below (thanks to Everybodywalk.org for creating it).

It’ll tell you why walking’s so good for you health wise. And can I just add walking will get you glowing too? Any type of exercise increases your circulation which increases your glow factor. It’s a simple and effective beauty tip.

I’m off for a walk :-). Have a lovely weekend!

Walking infographic


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