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10 Beauty Tips To Live By

We all have those ‘ugly’ day’s don’t we? And the times when we just can’t seem to get it right?

We certainly do around here. So we put together some – in no particular order – of our best-ever beauty tips for you.

1. Lemon Juice

A glass of fresh lemon juice and warm water every morning will set you up for the day. It aids digestion and the liver, plus it promotes clear skin (in our opinion). Less liver toxicity = clearer skin. Then drink oodles of water through the day. The pure stuff.

2. Remember Your Neck

Always look after your neck, decolletage and hands. Most of us have our facial moisturising down pat, but don’t just focus on your face. The neck, decolletage and hands are some of the first places that can show the signs of time and over-exposure to UV light. Every day is sunscreen day.

3. Eyebrows Rule

Beautifully shaped brows can transform your face, open up your eyes and give you an instant lift. Get thee to a brow specialist or beauty therapist to get them shaped professionally. Only then should you DIY. Great eyebrows are an art, making this one of the best beauty investments you can make.

4. Chill It

If you find your eye or lip pencil tends to break while you’re sharpening it put it in the freezer for fifteen minutes prior. This should stop it crumbling.

5. Get Longer Lasting Locks

Dry shampoo is a true blue beauty saviour. For those of us with fine tresses second day hair is the pits, those with thicker or longer manes can go for a little longer. Wherever you sit, if you need your locks to last longer between shampooing spritz some dry shampoo into the roots, then add velcro rollers or give yourself a quick blow wave. You should be good to go for another day.

6. Nail Polish Know-How

If you smudge your nail polish, simply pop your finger over the nail polish remover bottle and tip it, then smooth your finger over the smudge. This should be all you need to even it out. Then simply paint another coat over and you should be as good as new. Another good tip if you tend go over the edges when you paint is to use an old eyeliner brush dipped in remover to get rid of your mistakes. Easy.

7. Place Your Perfume Well

Don’t apply fragrance where the sunlight will interact with it such as areas like the neck and decolletage. UV light and some ingredients in fragrance can cause pigmentation and leave you with blotchy patches you could live without.

8. Soft Soak

Adding a teaspoon of honey to your bath will make your skin feel soft and smooth.

9. Bumpy Underarms Be Gone

A lot of people get a proliferation of irksome tiny bumps on their upper arms caused by things such as  a build up of sebum and perspiration in the pores and hair follicles. You can get rid of them by investing in a body brush or loofah and brushing the area daily. Even a flannel with some salt poured on it will do the trick. While you’re at it brush your entire body. Start from your feet and work upwards. Your skin will love you for it.

10. Don’t Forget

Stay out of the sun. Drink water. Embrace regular exercise.

  • The sun is responsible for 80-90% of skin ageing and is responsible for skin cancer.
  • Water keeps your body and skin hydrated. We are made up of over 50-75% water. When you’re thirsty you’re on your way to dehydration and your physical and mental capacity can slow down.
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be full on or a chore as long as you move. A few times a week for at least 30 minutes will keep you mobile, healthy and aid weight control and mental and emotional stress.


Stay beautiful x



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