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12 Amazing Benefits of Baby Spinach

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of nutritional oomph to your daily victuals is by adding plenty of baby spinach leaves into the mix.

They’re readily available, relatively inexpensive, incredibly versatile and rather innocuous in their flavour so it’s kind of a no-brainer if you’re on the wellness trail.

Baby spinach is just normal spinach, but it’s harvested earlier so the leaves are smaller.

Because I don’t eat much meat (and never, ever touch red meat) I have quite a lot of eggs to ensure I get plenty of protein so I often throw a handful of baby spinach leaves in with them. Whether it’s an omelette, scrambled, poached or any which way it’s a simple trick.

Tip: cooked or juiced spinach packs the most nutritional punch.

A word on oxalic acid: spinach contains a compound called oxalic acid, which can interfere with the absorption of calcium and iron. By boiling the leaves for one to two minutes you can reduce the levels.

So what are the nutritional benefits of baby spinach leaves?

1. It’s fat-free and low in calories – one cup of raw leaves yields just 7 calories and ½ C approx. 20 calories.

2. It’s rich in vitamins A – a powerhouse for vision, immunity, skin and bone health.

3. It also rocks vitamin C. In fact the greener the leaves the more vitamin C it contains.

4. Vitamin K abounds in the leaves. Vitamin K is important for blood clotting and bone health along with calcium and magnesium.

5. Spinach leaves are full of folate, which is good news if you’re pregnant or planning to be as it helps reduce the incidence of neural tube defects.

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6. Phytonutrient power including plenty of carotenoids and flavonoids which, without getting too science-y, give you antioxidant protection aka a suit of armour against pesky free radicals. Free radicals are the precursors for disease and ageing.

7. Two of the carotenoids that you’ll find in spinach — lutein and zeaxanthin — are believed to be especially helpful in eye health.

8. Minerals including potassium, copper, iron and magnesium are plentiful in spinach.

9. Spinach is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. Inflammation is believed to be one of the key causes of premature ageing and disease.

10.  Researchers have found that some of the flavonoids in spinach slowed down cell division in certain cancers.

11. It’s also very good for digestion, flushes out toxins from the colon and helps with constipation.

12. It’s a beauty booster. Regular consumption will ensure you glow and help relieve dry, itchy skin.

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